A Morning in Avila Beach, CA

As summer is approaching I love going to my local beaches early in the morning before the other locals and tourists arrive. One of my favorite beaches is Avila Beach, it is located on the Central Coast and is quant, yet beautiful. During the summertime, this beach gets PACKED! So, to avoid everyone coming I decided to spend a morning in Avila.

Starting my morning off with coffee from a shop I love going to called Kraken. Kraken is a local coffee shop that has amazing coffee, pastries, and personality. It is a cute, small coffee shop that all the locals love to visit when at the beach. As I was walking out of the shop I overhead some locals making their weekly plans of returning next week together. I just love this beach town and how connected everyone is who lives there!

After my visit to the coffee shop, I decided to take time and walk around the area to see what’s new since this beach town continues to grow every year. The town center area has continued to add in little shops and I noticed more hotels being built. A hotel that’s always been there since I was younger is the Inn at Avila BeachThis inn is beautiful and ocean front making it the perfect place to stay when visiting Avila.

Next stop, the sand! Since I brought my puppy he was dying to walk on the sand. If you bring your dog to Avila they can walk the main beach early in the morning however, as the day goes on they have to head to the dog beach down the way from Avila Beach since it is safer and fun for them to meet friends. Another change I noticed was that they painted the life guard towers! I love seeing local art and it added more personality to Avila! As I decided to leave, I took one last look at Avila and told myself I have to return soon since this was the best way to spend my morning since you can’t find this in L.A.

If you’re in my area, make a stop at Avila Beach for a relaxing morning/day! And you can even stop at the Avila Valley Barn, which I visited last October, on your way out for some pastries, fresh fruit, or to check out the petting zoo!

With love, Sydney

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