San Luis Obispo Succulent Festival

On May 27th, my town of San Luis Obispo had a succulent festival going on that I knew I couldn’t miss! If you’ve ever been to San Luis Obispo before, you see succulents everywhere, our town seems to love them! Succulents are my favorite plants because a) they’re easy to keep alive and b) they always look different and grow beautifully. I thought I would share what the festival was like and who knows, maybe you’ll come next year!

At the festival, there is “The Shop” where you can browse through many different succulents and choose ones that you want to buy. There were four long rows of succulents to choose from, ones ranging to large and small! I was in heaven as I walked down the isles of succulents since they felt never ending. It was fun to meet the succulent vendors as well because they gave recommendations on where to place the succulents and the best ways to care for them.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I ended up purchasing three smaller sized succulents that I’m planning on putting in my L.A. apartment! I love the purple/green colored succulents best and I also purchased a string of pearls in hopes that I can get it to grow! The festival was very relaxing and I hope to return next year to see what other succulents they have for sale!

With love, Sydney

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