18 Things I Have Learned at 18.

On Monday I turned 19 however, I thought I would share 18 things I learned at 18 because I love reading/watching videos when people share stuff like this. It always feels so personal and I believe you gain a better sense of who one is. So, in honor of my birthday here are 18 things I have learned at 18:


  1. Not everyone that you meet needs to be a permanent part of your life. As they say some people are a blessing and a curse.
  2. It is okay to do your own thing even though others think you look stupid or will fail.
  3. Failure really means nothing, it only pushes you to do better.
  4. You can truly do anything you set your mind to no matter how big or small it may be.
  5. Traveling alone allows one to really put their life into perspective due to seeing new cultures and meeting new people. So, take time to travel on your own every once in a while.
  6. One’s age does not determine their maturity.
  7. Heartbreaks are probably the best things to happen to humans. It allows for one to understand who they are and what they are really looking for.
  8. Take time to take care of yourself because you are the only one who can really do that.
  9. Do not rely on others for your own happiness. Happiness comes from within oneself that you have the power to create.
  10. Start each day with a grateful heart and be thankful for everything/everyone that is a part of your life.
  11. When life becomes difficult learn to find the light that will guide you on the right path.
  12. Learn to love life because it is a beautiful thing.
  13. Make yourself a priority and hold your standards high. Having low standards will not satisfy yourself.
  14. On bad days, learn to find some piece of joy to get you through.
  15. Hold those you love close because they can be gone in the blink of an eye.
  16. Learn to not have regrets. Tell the people that mean the most to you that you want them in your life forever because you don’t want to regret missing out on them.
  17. Always laugh at yourself because we all make mistakes since nobody is perfect.
  18. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Those new things can create lasting memories that will always mean something to you.


Those are the 18 things I have learned. I am so excited for what this year will bring me and I hope you guys were able to learn something from me. Please feel free to share some things you have learned at your age so we can all help each other out!

With love, Sydney

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