Monday Motivation #1

Happy Monday friends! I know it is not everyone’s favorite day but, hey it’s the start of a fresh week. Something new I have been wanting to add to my blog is Monday Motivations. These are intended to give you an extra boost and to make you excited for your week. I hope these do help anyone who is needing a little boost of confidence, motivation, or spark of joy. I love motivating anyone who needs it so, I figured why not share my motivation with my readers! Welcome to the first ever Monday Motivation! These will be posted every Monday, every month, about a quote I am loving and I will do a small explanation to go along with it. So, enjoy! 🙂


This is one of my all time favorite quotes (it’s even on my homepage on the right hand side). It has helped me make decisions about different things in my life and has pushed me to always put myself first. I have learned that by putting yourself and your needs first in return will make your soul happy. When you’re struggling with figuring out how to do this, begin thinking about yourself and only yourself. Think about what you need and how you will obtain it to make yourself happy. Just know by putting yourself first is not selfish, it is self love. So how will you make your soul happy today?

With love, Sydney


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