Goodwill Thrift -San Luis Obispo

Since I am home for my summer break one thing I love doing with my mom is thrift shopping. I always find it fun to see what we can find, plus I love shopping for funky shoes so I never turn down a morning of thrifting. A local thrift store that my mom and I always check out is the Goodwill. So, I figured this week I’d drag you guys along with me to one of my favorite thrift stores in my area.


The Goodwill in SLO always has small treasures to find. I first start off by looking through their shoes because I am a shoe addict. As I browsed their shoe isles I scored on a cute pair of cheetah printed heels and a black pear of oxford shoes that were both brand new! The shoe isles never cease to amaze me and I definitely recommend always checking out the shoes first before going anywhere else.

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After I celebrated on finding my cute shoes I decided to head to the shirts and jeans to see what else I could find. When thrift shopping, I try not to go to a store with an idea of something I need. Instead I keep an open mind so I don’t miss out on anything fun! Luckily the Goodwill has a large section for their clothes. There is about five or six long rows of shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, skirts, and even dresses. However, this time I did not find anything I really needed 😦 Yet, that may or may not be a bad thing since I already have three closets full of clothes…

The last section I decided to check out was the paintings and books because I am looking for some fun coffee table books and even funky paintings to go in my new apartment. Sadly, still nothing here but, I will definitely be back a few more times before I head back to LA since I know I’m sure I’ll be able to find some!

Overall, I scored on two pairs of cute shoes that I have already worn and had fun hanging out with my mom doing something we love. Feel free to share any other thrift shops that are worth checking out because my mom and I are dying to do a thrift road trip sometime and would love recommendations!

With love, Sydney

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