Motiv Ring Review

Hello everyone! This week’s blog post is going to be about a fun little fitness ring that I purchased. I really want to start incorporating more fitness posts on my blog this year because it has become such a huge part of my life right now. So, with that have you guys ever heard of a Motiv ring?! I was watching a YouTube video a few weeks back and this girl was advertising about it and I looked more into it and decided to purchase one for myself! Personally, this ring is really interesting to me. It tracks all of your steps, calories burned, how long you sleep, and your heart rate at all times. This ring does everything!


To me this was a better purchase compared to the Fitbit or Apple watches. I don’t like wearing a lot of jewelry or want to have something flashy so a ring worked out well for me. At times I completely forget that I am even wearing it, which I like. When the ring is ordered, a sizing kit is shipped first, then you are able to test out the sizes of the ring to see what fits for you most. I recommend wearing the testers while sleeping and exercising to know what size fits you best! Then once you decide what size, submit you it to the website and your ring will be shipped! There is a rose gold color and grey color to choose from, obviously I chose the rose gold!


The battery life is not bad. It charges within like 2 hours and will last me a full 4 days. The ring is constantly on since it is tracking all movements and heart rate, so do keep that in mind. While I have been working out with weights, I have noticed one thing. The ring scratches… Just know if you lift metal weights the ring will scratch a little, however I never really notice the scratches so it does not bother me.



Overall, I really love my Motive ring and what it has to offer! Let me know if you use any fitness trackers or prefer to stay away from it in the comments!


With love, Sydney

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