First Year of College Review!

Wow… It is crazy to think that I have finally finished my first year of college this March! Looking back on my past year it has been one hell of a ride. I’ve made good friends, lost others, been stressed beyond my mind, and have had some of the most memorable days ever. This post is meant to reflect on my past year and to also help others with things they should know before going into college.

  1. College is actually stressful.

To be fair I had no idea how tough some of the stress would be on my mind and body. Deadlines were my least favorite thing along with the stress of finals and final projects. While going to a fashion school many assume it is easy, well it’s not. We have the same stress as those who attend other universities and colleges. So, do your homework ahead of time, schedule time to study, and allow yourself time to breathe because you will need it!

  1. Don’t expect to be BFF’s with your roommate(s).

I learned this pretty fast if I am being honest. I had a very rough time dealing with my roommate over stupid things that should have never been an issue. So, don’t expect that you and your roommate will be best friends because in some cases that is unrealistic. As I move into my second year of college I will be living on my own which will be for the best, so I am beyond excited for that and to put our past behind me!

  1. Professors can be your best friend.

With some classes, I tried to sign up for professors that I knew I would get along with. Once you have a professor once, make note if you liked them or not. As signups for classes come around again you then can sign up for them and they will love seeing you! I loved the majority of my professors and I felt very relieved having a professor who I understood their teaching process along with the work load they would assign.

  1. Don’t expect to be friends with everybody.

Trust me, college is a great time to make new friends, but don’t think you have to befriend everybody. There is so much drama that goes along with having a large group of friends it is so not worth it. Begin to find a true group of friends that you can see a future with because in the long run those will be the most loyal.

  1. Going home will feel like paradise.

When I would go home for a weekend here and there it was the best thing ever. Going home is so rewarding once you’re in college because you miss the small things. For me, I grew up in a small town that had little to no traffic and beaches only ten minutes away. In Los Angeles that is not a thing. So, enjoy your time at home and realize the small things that you have before they’re gone.

  1. Exercising in college will be worth it.

Help yourself and your body out by treating it the right way in college. I exercise six days a week and allow time for it in my schedule because I know it will help relieve stress and keep me in good shape. In the gym, you may even meet fun people in the gym who will help motivate you when times are tough. Allow the gym to be an escape from school and a place to find yourself.

  1. Try new things.

In college, don’t be afraid to try new things whether that be with food, clothing choices, or who you want to be. No one knows you when you start college so allow this to be a time where you can start fresh and be your true self! I have changed so much in college, but I believe this is the person I was supposed to be all these years. So, don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and finding yourself.

  1. Have fun!

College is a time to have fun and live life! It is a short period of your life before the real-world hits, so don’t waste it. Enjoy every moment of college and allow yourself to have fun!


With love, Sydney

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