San Luis Obispo Coffee Shops.

In San Luis Obispo (SLO) we have some of the best coffee shops! Each coffee shop has its own personality that I love. I love going into coffee shops to relax and sip hot chocolate, iced coffee, or even a tea. While I was home, I decided to choose my favorite ones and share them with you guys!

Scout 1&2

Scout is a coffee shop that I have always loved. This coffee shop continues to grow and has expanded into two coffee shops! The original is located in downtown SLO and the second location is by Cal Poly on Foothill. Both of the Scout coffee shops have a different vibe. The original one is smaller and earthy while the second one is very open and has white walls. My favorite drink from Scout is their iced coffee or iced vanilla lattes! They taste delicious and make your morning so much better!


Lucy’s is a newer coffee shop in SLO that is adorable! The day I was in there is was quiet and so relaxing. In SLO it had been colder so my mom and I decided to get hot chocolates and they were so good! I loved the little marshmallows and chocolate shavings because it made for a cute picture. I definitely recommend checking out Lucy’s if you get the chance!


One of the most known downtown coffee shops we have is Kreuzberg. It is one of the coolest coffee shops I have been in and it keeps expanding! It is very open with plenty of seating all around. My favorite spot to sit is in one of the window seats since you can watch the sights of downtown while still doing your work. Kreuzberg also added in a lounge towards the back where they do shows during the night. At Kreuzberg I got a chamomile tea while my mom got a hot chocolate. Both drinks were delicious and it was a fun way to start out or morning.

Black Horse

One of my all-time favorite coffee shops in SLO is Black Horse. I used to go twice a week before school since I loved their Smooth Arnold so much! It is practically the same as an Arnold Palmer but better! I also loved meeting up with friends here since the location is so convenient and the staff was always so nice to be around.


Libertine is also a newer coffee shop in SLO. It is tied to its brewery that is located next door. The coffee shop is also located in downtown SLO and the pastries here are delicious! My mom and I decided to split an apple cinnamon muffin that melted in your mouth. My mom once again got a hot chocolate while I had a chamomile tea that was amazing. This coffee shop is also smaller than some however it is very cozy. While we were at Libertine we decided to sit outside since we had our puppy, Moose with us and it was very relaxing.

Ascendo Coffee

I had never heard of this coffee shop until I did the photoshoot with Ambiance. This coffee shop is very spacious and what I loved is how they had a no electronic area so if you sat over there you were supposed to enjoy the company of others or relax on your own. The staff was very friendly and the overall vibe of the coffee shop was very chill. I really enjoyed this coffee shop and want to come more since it was one I had never been to. I ordered a hot chocolate (can you see how much we love hot chocolate yet?) because it is a go to order for me in SLO!

These coffee shops are just a few located in San Luis Obispo that I wanted to share. I may decide to do a part two since some new coffee shops have opened up since I did these! I hope you guys enjoyed these shops and get a chance to visit SLO sometime!

With love, Sydney




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