2 Quick Thrifts.

       Once I moved to Los Angeles I had been dying to find some cool thrift store styled places that had some amazing pieces for a discounted price. Luckily a friend I made recently knew about two awesome places: Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading. Both shops are located fairly close to one another. Buffalo Exchange is located on La Brea Avenue and parking is either located on the street with meters or in the nearby neighborhood, however be warned you may get boxed in like we did LOL! Then Crossroads is located on Melrose Avenue with the same style of parking.

            The first shop we went to was Buffalo Exchange and within both shops we looked around for about 20 minutes or so due to time. In Buffalo, the first section we checked out were men’s coats/jackets since oversized sweaters are still popular and with the weather pretty chilly in Southern California oversized is the way to go! After checking out that section I immediately was drawn to the shoes since they are placed almost everywhere in the store and then on a wall that is impossible to miss. And of course, me being the shoe fanatic that I am I ended up scoring a cute pair of silver ankle high boots for only $28 that are pictured at the bottom! After shoes, we looked at skirts and dresses where I found one distressed jean skirt from PrettyLittleThing and the original tag was still on it! The skirt was priced at $16.50 and I of course bought it since a girl can never have too many jean skirts!

Once we had our fair share of Buffalo it was time to head to Melrose and hit up Crossroads. Crossroads has a different layout compared to Buffalo since there are actual aisle racks that stretch all the way to the back of the store by their shoe section. Instead of going straight for jackets this time shoes were my first stop since they have shoes placed on the tops of all of their clothing racks and then up against a back wall by their dressing rooms. Sadly, I had no luck with shoes so I then went to the skirts and finally found a pleather skirt that I have been dying for! This skirt was the same price as the other and also had the original tag on it. This skirt was from Misguided which is a store I had been hesitant to order from, but after this skirt I will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

All in all, both stores are definitely a must to stop in because you never know what you will find! Below I will insert pictures of me wearing  some of my purchases so you guys can see what I paired them with! Also leave a comment if you’ve been to any of these two stores or have any other recommendations as to where to thrift in LA!

With love, Sydney

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