Influence Social Los Angeles.

On Saturday March 3, I had the opportunity to attend Influence Social Workshop at Creative Studios in Los Angeles. Influence Social Workshop is a workshop that teaches women about social media, how to market online, become and influencer, learn how to manage analytics, and to socialize with other women in your industry! This event was similar to the Femargent Launch Party that I attended back in September however, this workshop was much more intimate and focused mainly on social media.

As a social media student, attending events like this is huge! I am able to learn from those in the industry and hear first hand from their experiences. I was absolutely surprised by how much I learned from this event since I assumed I had a decent grasp on social media, I was so wrong.

I learned what is important when growing a social media following. It has nothing to do with the likes and comments, but with the quality of content being produced. When individuals click on your social media page, they should know from the first glance what you are about or trying to sell. It is very important to capture a viewers attention because it will indicate if they will want to follow you or not or even purchase your product. As many know, having a strong feed that flows in HUGE since the world we live in is very visual! If a feed is not flowing or has bad quality your page will not succeed like you hope it would.

Learning to engage with the right people and community is also a BIG step in growing a following. Clicking through hashtags that are relevant to your image can increase traffic to your page along with gaining new followers who are supportive. If you decide to create engagement groups with others, make sure they are in it for the right reasons and understand that it was created to help everyone in that group grow.

The last concept I want to share that I learned was how to advance your brand or business. Some key things to make sure you yourself understand is that you have a clear picture of your overall goal. That goal can be big or small or it can be a monthly goal. Just pick a goal you know you will be able to achieve and be proud of. Next, understand why you are so unique and why you should stand out from others. Followers and customers need to see why you are different so show them! Lastly, know who your specific targeted market is. If your targeted market is too broad no one will understand who/what you are trying to sell or get across. Be clear with your audience and make them know why they need your brand or product!

Overall, I enjoyed learning from powerful women in the social media industry. I was able to chat with influencers and women who I am inspired by and learn how they got to where they are today. Being surrounded by the influencers and other women listening was truly inspiring and really motivating for me as a young girl who aspires to be like them one day.

I also hope these few tips that I learned help you guys with you social media! I truly love the power of social media and how it has had a positive impact on my life so that is why I want to share what I learned with you guys as well! If you guys want, share your social media links in the comments below and we can follow each other!

With love, Sydney

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