Oxnard, California.

Being in Los Angeles is amazing, however I need a break from the city once in awhile. A fun place to visit that is not too far is Oxnard, California.

Oxnard is about an hour and half (sometimes less) north of Los Angeles and I love it there! I grew up going to that area for my brother’s soccer tournaments and always enjoyed being there, yet this time I got to go to relax. If you didn’t know, there are some beautiful beaches and marinas located in Oxnard.


Starting off the morning I got breakfast at a cute shop called Honey Cup. It is located right on the marina and it was a popular spot for locals since people were coming in and out of the shop. Everything looked delicious on the menu and I decided on their Berry Parfait that was topped with honey and chia seeds. It was amazing! They sell their own honey there and it was delicious on their parfait. Plus, the berries were so fresh and yummy that I was in heaven!


After breakfast I decided to stroll along the marina path and it was so calming and relaxing. The water was so peaceful and still. It was fun to see all the boats lined up in the marina. Many had fun names and they were docked for miles! Of course I figured it would be the perfect photo opportunity so I took advantage of that!


Then after the marina, I decided to head to Silver Strand Beach since it was close. It was about a five minuet drive from the marina and it was so worth it. The sun was shining, the sand was warm and there were not many people out. I could have stayed all day on the beach (especially since I am so white lol).


Overall it was a relaxing getaway from the city that was so worth it. If you have the chance to explore Oxnard, California’s beach area do it! It is so relaxing and a peaceful way to enjoy your morning.

With love, Sydney

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