Within the past six months I have gotten into aromatherapy and I love it! Aromatherapy has become a relaxation outlet for me. I become instantly relaxed when I have my diffuser going and I smell these scents. Since I want to incorporate more health and lifestyle posts I thought I would share my collection of oils and why I like them! Starting off let me just say where I got my diffuser. Mine will be linked here, and it is from Bed Bath & Beyond however, you can find diffusers anywhere!

Oil 1: Peppermint

I love anything peppermint related so when I saw it in an oil I knew I needed it! This oil is considered a refreshing oil and it definitely it. When I have it going I feel refreshed and awake. I tend to have this oil going when I am doing homework or trying to get work done because it keeps me moving and motivated.

Oil 2: Good Nite

If you’re like me and have a hard time falling asleep, try this oil. It is the most relaxing and calming oil ever. I love using this oil about twenty minutes before going to bed because it makes me more sleepy and I am about out by then! It has a very natural smell that calms the mind and body making it a perfect scent before bed.

Oil 3: Lemon

Lemon is my newest addition to my little collecting and it has been a scent that I’ve been craving. When I think of lemons, I think of a cleansing scent and that’s just what this is! It cleans the room leaving the air with the loveliest lemon scent ever. It is also not a super strong scent which is nice since some of these oils can be overpowering.

Oil 4: Uplift Blend

This oil is not labeled what its scent exactly is however, it smells of a natural scent with a little boost. I also like to use this one when working because it gives me a clear mind to focus on whatever task I may be doing. This oil overall is nice to have as a little pick me up during rough days.

Mist: Vanilla + Tangerine

This is the only mist I have and I love it! Vanilla and tangerine mixed together is actually heaven. I like having a mist around for days when I want to cleanse the air in a quick amount of time. Plus, this mist can also be used as a perfume so on days I am rushing I spray it and I am out the door! Mists are fun to try along with oils to see what one likes best!

Overall I hope you guys liked my posts on my essential oils and why I like them! Aromatherapy has been life changing for me, so if you are considering it go for it! At first it may seem expensive, but once you have the diffuser oils can also be purchased anywhere. Places like T.J. Maxx actually sell collections of oils for a great price so check them out if you want a lot of scents when starting out!

With love, Sydney

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