My Closet Favorites!

For this week’s post, I thought it would be fun to share my closet favorites since I want to incorporate more fashion into my blog this year! I will be sharing with you guys my favorite pieces at the moment and give a review on how I like them. So, let’s get right into it!


Dress 1: Starting off with this pink dress from Forever 21. I really love this dress because the fit is very flattering and it has adjustable straps. It sucks in above the waist and hits a little above my knees as I am 5’6. I bought this in a medium since I am bigger on top and it fits perfectly. The print is also very different and that’s what attracted me to this dress. It’s a light pink all over with gold added in throughout the pattern that makes it sparkle!

Dress 2: Not gonna lie when I first saw this dress I was hesitant about it until I tried it on. It is a strapless dress, also from Forever 21, and it fits perfectly. I ended up getting this dress in a small since I needed it to be snug on top and it holds up nicely. It has a clear lining that also supports it on top as well. I love laying a white bodysuit underneath this stripped dress for days that are chilly and paring it with my favorite grey heels that I’ll show later one!

Dress 3: I love this dress so much! I purchased it from Nordstrom last year and it is so flattering for any body type. Around the waist area it begins the ruffling texture that is not over done. Towards the bottom, it criss crosses over adding a nice cut to the dress that hits above the knee. The color of this dress is different to most dresses I own and so since it is a harder color to match with I always pair it with white because it looks best in my opinion.


Top 1: This is a beautiful baby pink satin lace top from H&M that is perfect for any season! I love laying it during the winter over a bodysuit or placing a jacket on top. Then during spring I can tuck it into jeans making it a little more causal for laid back days. I have not owned a satin lace top before until I got this one and I wish I purchased more because they are so soft and can be worn so many ways!

Top 2: To me this is such a playful red sweater that is too fun! It is a cropped sweater from Forever 21 and has washed nicely ever since I bought it. Some mornings when it is cold in Los Angeles I love wearing this top because it has the softest material every and I feel like I am wearing a blanket! I definitely recommend owning a fuzzy sweater at some point in your life because it is life changing.

Top 3: This bodysuit from Forever 21 was hard to picture so I apologize for that. The sleeves are bell sleeves and they make this bodysuit 10x more fun to wear. I love waving my arms around when I have it on because it flows so well. I’ve paired this with a blue jean wash to make it causal and black jeans when I want to dress it up more and it looks perfect with both. The bodysuit cuts across and snaps in the middle giving it a tucked in look that is effortless and beautiful.

Top 4: This black sweater I could not get enough of! I purchased it from T.J. Maxx and fell in love with the sheer shoulders and ruffled sleeves. Every time I wear it I receive so many compliments that I had to include it as a favorite! I love wearing this sweater with skirts that do not have a crazy pattern, then tucking it in to them and it looks so cute. Some shoes I pair it with are black heeled boots and black high kneed boots!

Top 5: For the past few months I have been getting into a more dressy business look. This cropped button up top from Forever 21 is so soft and dresses up any outfit. I feel very important when wearing this and attending a meeting of some sort. If you are one who hates collared shirts, I recommend a cropped collared shirt because it really fits completely different from a regular one. I have been able to tuck this into skirts as well and it looks very put together.


Skirt 1: As of now I really only have two new skirts that I am in love with! This one I just got from Urban Outfitters and it is adorable! I had previously seen this style online and knew I had to get my hands on it. The size I went with was a medium because I am not sure how this jean material will wash and I wanted to be able to sit in the skirt. It is somewhat snug, yet very flattering. It is also sold in other colors that made me want to purchase them all!

Skirt 2: Plaid has become very popular in my closet recently, and I have no complaints. Plaid is a very flattering and classic pattern that everyone should own. With this skirt it has yellow added in that adds to this classic look. Plus, the ruffle across the middle is everything to me! The ruffle adds an extra flair to the skirt which I find very fun!



Shoe 1: I had been dying for a business style heel and I came across these Michael Kors that I love! They have been hard to break in since I have a wide foot, but they go with so many outfits that the pain is worth it! The color is an off white grey which I thought was different, yet it goes with so much that makes it perfect in any closet.


Shoe 2: These purple slides are from Rampage and are so cute for the spring/summer time! They are beyond comfortable and can add a spice of color to any outfit. I love wearing these with jeans on a causal day out since they are simple.


Shoe 3: For one who does not go into Nordstrom Rack, I might be in more often. I scored these Steve Madden slides for $49! I previously saw these online, but was not sure how I’d like the fit. Overall the fit is perfect and true to size. My foot stays in really well and they are very comfy. I love wearing these with skirts and jeans since these shoes go with practically anything!


Shoe 4: In my opinion, Target is a hit and miss with shoes. These I purchased about a month ago and I love them. I had been wanting an open toe slide and came across these. The ruffled fabric adds a nice texture to the shoe without taking away from whatever you may be wearing. The fit is true to size and are perfect for any outfit!


Shoe 5: Can you tell I like black shoes yet?! These ankle wrap slides are from a brand called Yoki that were sold on Forever 21. When I first felt the shoes I did not think I’d be too fond of them. However, I try and wear them as much as I can! They are very comfy and I love the ankle wrap style. These shoes are perfect for walking around all day and best part is, your feet won’t be sore!

That concludes my closet favorites for now! I hope you guys enjoyed these pieces I talked about above. Comment down below some of your favorite clothing pieces you can’t live without!

With love, Sydney

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