Why I Keep a Food Journal

This blog post is going to be a little different from my past ones. I really want to start incorporating more fitness and lifestyle content into my blog this year because it is something I have wanted to do for awhile. I love fitness, working out and inspiring others to make healthier decisions in their life. So, I figured why not start with the basic idea of food journaling!

College seems like a great time to begin food journaling if you are one who wants to stay in shape during school. I started journaling back in November after I experienced weird reactions to foods. To narrow down what was setting me off has been hard, however by keeping track of what I’ve been eating has helped a lot! I am now able to show my doctor my past meals and decide what I should try cutting out to not upset my stomach. The best part about food journaling is that you can keep track anywhere and it takes no time at all! Wether you purchase a small journal like I did, or use your phone there is no excuse not to begin journaling!

Food journaling also inspires you to eat healthier! By visually seeing what you are consuming can help you realize that maybe you’re not eating what you should. I am a very visual person, so journaling has helped me a lot to stay on track and make healthier choices. It has also helped me add more protein in my diet because I noted that I had been tired most days. Well, I had been tired because I am not consuming the amounts of protein needed for my body.

At the time I realized I was not getting the nutrients I needed I turned to simple clean eating cookbooks for recipes. There are thousands of recipe books that contain simple meals that take little to no time to prepare. I’ve noticed that my meals have become sometimes quicker to prepare because I am eating fresher ingredients that do not need to be cooked all the time! (Ex. salads, fruits, and smoothies). Plus, Pinterest has some great options for meal ideas that you can narrow down yourself and pin to create later!

I really love how simple food journaling is! Though it may not seem like a big step into fitness it really is! I hope this inspires you to begin a food journal as well to help stay on track with your fitness goals of 2018!

With love, Sydney

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