My Top Favorite Skin Care Products

Ever since I moved to Los Angeles my skin had gotten oily and more acne prone. For someone who is a perfectionist, this was definitely a problem so I started experimenting with new skin care products that I wanted to share! If you live or go to college in an area where the air is not great or wanted to try out new skin products, then I hope this posts helps!

Face Moisturizers:


MAC: Studio Moisture Cream

If I know I am going to be applying makeup to my face or I see that I have dryness in areas I will apply this twice before adding anything else to my face. I have noticed a big difference when applying this twice because my face looks fresher overall. This container easily lasts me about 5 months since you do not need a lot while applying it! It also smells amazing and has a smooth texture that leaves the face feeling fresh and light.

Freedom: Calming Moisturizer for Redness

This product I received as a tester from attending Stylecon and I love it! Sometimes my face gets red around my nose and chin so I will apply this over those areas. This moisturizer feels very nice on the face and reduces redness in the areas I apply it to. I definitely recommend trying this product if you have redness since you can order their trial size (might I add for $3.00!) and see if it works for you!

Facial Cleansers:


Garnier: SkinActive Charcoal Blackhead Acne Treatment Scrub

I have loved this product throughout high school and always recommend it for friends when they need a new scrub. This charcoal scrub feels amazing on the face and leaves it feeling clean and clear. When I use it consistently I notice my blackheads are gone and my face feels amazing! Plus, if you wanted to leave it on your face for about 5 minuets it creates a nice mask as well that I sometimes do in the shower. For a scrub, I like to use it 3 times a week at night depending on where my acne is since I don’t want to overwhelm my face with a scrub.

Cetaphil: Daily Facial Cleanser

This has become a new product that I discovered once I moved to LA. So, in the mornings is when I use this cleanser. It is soft on the face since it does not have cleansing beads and leaves a smooth feeling once it washes off. I was surprised how much I loved this cleanser since I am a scrub kind of girl, but WOW this one is amazing!

Dermalogica: Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Pore Control Scrub

This scrub is the most recent one I began using and instantly I have seen results with it! I use this 3-5 times at night to clear off makeup and oil when I am not using my other scrubs. With this one, you only need a little amount because it goes a long way! Plus, it has smaller scrubbing beads that you barely feel. My face feels energized and clear after using it!

Face Masks:

Bioré: Self Heating Charcoal Face Mask

I love doing face masks right after the gym or before I go to bed because I feel that they clean deeper than scrubs or cleansers. This Bioré masks is different than most, it heats up! Yes, you heard me right! When I first applied this I was like this is awesome! Charcoal masks are great to do and this one begins working instantly. Right as I applied it I felt it heat up. It left my face feeling clear and oil free!

Lush: Mask of Magnaminty

Lush has been a company that I’ve always loved since they use natural and fresh ingredients. This face mask is amazing and smells like heaven! It has peppermint in it with gives it a minty smell that wakes the face up. I like to apply this mask all over my face and neck every other day for about 5 minutes or until it hardens then rise off.

Face Wipes:


Aveeno: Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes

Face wipes are my go tos when I am rushing to remove my makeup or needing to wipe my face before I head to the gym in the morning. I have tried to not use them as much, but I can’t get away from them! These Aveeno wipes smell and feel amazing on the skin. They are great at removing makeup and have a cooling sensation to them that I love!

Cetaphil: Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Once again I love Cetaphil! These wipes are more for when I travel and notice my face becoming more oily and feeling dirty. I used to use these every night, but I like to switch between other wipes to experiment. However, if you are someone who does not like scented wipes, you may like these. I recommend Cetaphil wipes to my brother all the time since I love the clean results I have gotten and they do an amazing job! These wipes leave the face feeling clear and refreshed!

I hope you guys enjoyed me sharing my favorite face products! Comment down below what brands and products you love to use so I can try out your favorites as well!

With love, Sydney

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