NYC Favorite Food Spots!

Of course while on vacation food is one of my favorite things to try out in new places since it has a different taste and there are different restaurants that I have never seen nor been to before! New York City has amazing food that I am currently missing as I am typing this blog post lol! There are so many different food options ranging from breakfast to Mexican to Italian to American it is amazing. Me being a Food Network addict, I had to make sure we ate at the best places!

Breakfasts Stops:

Friedman’s: OMG this place was definitely my favorite breakfast place my mom and I ate at. The restaurant is gluten free which I enjoyed since it is easier for me to eat that style of food and the flavors of the breakfasts were amazing. We ended up going twice, the first morning we had breakfast and our last morning in New York City because it was that good!

The first time we went, I got their pancakes with a blueberry sauce and fruit bowl that was to die for and my mom ordered a Belgium waffle with bacon. Then our second time, I ended up ordering a Belgium waffle and my mom ordered their jam french toast with a side of bacon. SO FREAKING GOOD!

Junior’s: This restaurant was located in Times Square and was packed when we arrived, so obviously it must be good! Overall, I loved the fruit cup that I got because it came with a strawberry dipping sauce that was actually Heaven.


A Random Breakfast Cafe: I totally forgot the name of this place we went to, but it was amazing! We decided we needed to try New York bagels, so at the cafe we went to the cafe puts strawberries in their cream cheese! I am a total strawberry addict so I was instantly in love with these bagels!


Pret A Manger: Coming from California my mom and I had never seen these before and thought we need to try these out since they were everywhere! The coffee shop is super cute, fun atmosphere and a perfect place to avoid the cold for a bit! My mom and I split a cookie and fruit while I had their amazing strawberry lemonade and she had gotten a hot chocolate to drink.


Burger Heaven: Now, don’t be thrown off by the name! This diner has a delicious breakfast that my mom and I both loved. The service was awesome and the restaurant was old fashioned in looks and style, which I loved! I ordered a Belgium waffle and fruit since I was craving this practically the whole trip lol!


Lunch and Dinner Stops:

Guy Fieri’s Restaurant: As my mom and I were walking back from Times Square she spotted this restaurant and I cannot believe I missed it! I love Food Network and Guy Fieri is one of my favorite people to watch! Just as one can imagine, his food was absolutely amazing! The first night we went to his restaurant for dinner, I got the caesar salad and my mom ordered fried chicken while we split french fries. Then our second to last night in New York we went back! We both split his nachos that had an amazing chili sauce to go with them and of course we had to try his desert. We agreed on his chocolate chip cookie pie. OMG AMAZING!

Chevys Fresh Mex: So, my mom and I are the biggest Mexican foodies ever so when we found Chevys we were happy girls. I ordered a black bean and cheese burrito and it was another piece of Heaven for me lol! The burrito was massive, the rice was amazing and Chevys has one of the best salsas I have ever tried!


Brooklyn Diner: Our last night in New York City we had found this diner. It had the cutest style on the inside and had a warm, cozy atmosphere. I ordered their chili while my mom had a hamburger with fries. And of course they had homemade milkshakes that we had to try out! Everything was delicious and a perfect dinner to end our trip with!


Dessert Stop:

Carlo’s Bakery: This is not the original Carlo’s bakery, but man was it amazing! My mom got a mini cheesecake while I had two chocolate covered strawberries and we tried a cookie for the heck of it and hands down the best desert I have ever tasted in my eighteen years of existence!


Overall, all the places we ate at were amazing and delicious! So, if you’re heading to New York City anytime soon be sure to try out one of the places above!

With love, Sydney

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