Girls Trip to New York City!

Finally I got to visit New York City! I had been dying to visit since I love seeing photos of New York online my mom and I knew we needed to go. We decided to go during December to see all the Christmas decorations and it was beautiful! Of course I documented our trip and I am creating this post to show you guys what we saw/did! So here is our trip of New York City in December.


  • Louis Vuitton Exhibit: As a girl who loves Louis Vuitton, I knew this was a must see exhibit! The exhibit was designed beautifully and showcased all of Vuitton’s past pieces ranging from trunks to clothes to bags and fragrances. Then, towards the end of the exhibit there was a room that showed off gowns that celebrities like Taylor Swift had worn for red carpet events and they were gorgeous!



  • Two Day Bus Tour around the City: One of the best ways to see all of New York City is to plan on taking a bus tour! We traveled from Times Square to the Brooklyn Bridge, through Soho, and around Central Park and more. Though it was cold, my mom and I stuck with it and we were both in awe of the views the city had to offer!


  • Times Square: Not gonna lie, for someone who has not been to Times Square before it is very overwhelming! There are people everywhere! However, the shopping was amazing lol. It was fun to walk a few blocks in Times Square to see all the advertisements, Christmas and New Year’s decorations since they were up already as well!


  • Central Park: Central Park during the winter is stunning. I loved seeing the light snow patches around the park and the frozen pond really added to the winter vibes. It was also so cute seeing the Clydesdales horses pulling people around the area. This was definitely one of my favorite spots in NYC!


  • Brooklyn Bridge: If you are dying to see an amazing view, definitely take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge! I loved the views on the bridge and seeing how many people were walking on it was amazing because we were all freezing, but decided to shake it off and walk on the bridge.


  • Top of the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock: WOW, was all I could think both times I was at the top of the buildings. The views were honestly breathtaking! I have not been that high up looking over a huge city before, but it was so worth it. When we did the Empire State Building, it was in the morning and everything looked so clean because there was still visible snow everywhere. Then for the Top of the Rock, luckily we did it during sunset and it was beautiful to capture the city at that time!


  • Sex and the City Stairs: For a girl who loves Carrie Bradshaw this is a must when visiting! I had been talking about seeing her apartment steps for so long and I finally got to see them! 66 Perry Street is the address for the exterior of the scenes filmed outside the apartment. When you go, you cannot sit on the steps which is somewhat upsetting, but hey it’s the stairs!


  • The Radio City Rockettes: I saw their Christmas show in San Jose, CA, but I wanted to see them in New York again. I love watching their shows and seeing the glittery costumes that are so cute! Seeing their show just puts one in the best mood, so if you get the chance go see their Christmas performance!


  • The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA): Within the past year I have grown to love art museums and MOMA is always talked about so my mom and I decided to add it to our list of must see places! Luckily while we were there, they had a fashion exhibit that I was in LOVE with. All the pieces were donated and represented art throughout the years questioning the idea if fashion was modern? Plus Picasso’s art was in the museum as well, so obviously we had to be your typical tourists and take a picture of his known pieces!


  • Rockefeller Center: It seems as though one of the most seen places during winter is the Rockefeller Center since it has the ice rink and shops around it. My mom and I were not willing to wait in line to ice skate, but it was fun to watch people skate around and admire the decorations around the area.



  • Macy’s and Sak’s Fifth Avenue: Both stores were fun to look in/at since there were crowds of people inside shopping for Christmas gifts and the stores were decorated for the holidays! I loved how Sak’s had beautifully designed window displays of fairytales that I still love to this day! If you’re in need to waste some time and money check out both stores!


After writing this post I realized how much I miss New York City! It was such a fun winter vacation that my mom and I got to take together. I cannot wait to go back, hopefully not during the winter though since it was freezing lol! If you get the opportunity to go to New York City at least once in your life, please go because it is a beautiful city that you don’t want to miss out on!

With love, Sydney

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