5 Quotes to Live by in 2018.

Wow, what a year 2017 has been! I love when New Years comes around because it’s a fresh start with new goals and a new mindset! This week’s post has to do with five quotes I plan to live by in 2018. Instead of doing a New Years resolution I decided I would be doing this instead!

Quote 1: ” Your vibe attracts your tribe.

One of my favorite YouTubers always refers to this quote and I want to really put this quote to action in 2018. The vibe that one gives off will determine who they are surrounded by. In 2018, I hope to radiate a positive vibe that brings in the most passionate and motivating people I can possibly find. I work off of others, so by having powerful people around me I will be my best self.

Quote 2: “Embrace the chaos.”

Since I moved to Los Angeles life has gotten so chaotic that I need to continue to learn to embrace it! By embracing the chaos, it is unable to take over my happiness and bring me down. In 2018, I hope to become as powerful as I can and allow my chaos to fuel me.

Quote 3: “Discover your passion and live it with intention everyday.” 

As I change over time I discover new passions and I have tried to incorporate them in my everyday life, but I have not done a good job in 2017. So, in 2018 I plan to live out my passions everyday and practice the ones I can to the best of my abilities!

Quote 4: “Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.”

Self confidence is something I have struggled with practically my whole life. However that struggle will change. In 2018, I plan to become more confident and to believe more in myself so that I can find my own magic!

Quote 5: “Start each day with a grateful heart.”

This is one of my favorite quotes and I figured why not practice it in 2018! By taking a few minuets in the morning before I start by day and reflecting on what I am grateful for, it can change my whole day. My day would become more positive and I would feel that each day truly had a purpose.

Overall for 2018, I hope to become a better person, improve my physical and mental health while finding those who keep my spark! Here’s to 2018 my friends! What are some of your 2018 goals/hopes?

With love, Sydney

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