What I Got for Christmas!

First off, I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family! Every year I love seeing “What I Got for Christmas” videos on YouTube and figured since I have a blog I could do my own this year! I am so thankful for what I received this year and I was so surprised opening my gifts since I only asked for a few things!

Pajamas: I love getting pajamas and slippers for Christmas because I always need them and I love all of the festive patterns that are out during the holidays! The slippers and grey pajamas are from Target and the shorts are a mix of PINK and Old Navy!


Apartment Stuff: Since I live in an apartment I always think of things I want so my mom found a few pieces that I love! First off, my favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles is Verve and they had some cute mugs that I want to start collecting and a gift card that will be happily used! Then while we were in New York (blog posts coming soon!) I found a cute marble “S” board and matching coasters that I knew I couldn’t live without! Lastly, the Pioneer Woman is my favorite Food Network star so I got a lazy Susan and cake stand from her collection that I can’t wait to display in my apartment (thanks Gaga and Papa)!


Workout Gear: Since I started getting more into fitness this year I needed some new running shoes! I also got a cute Lululemon top and water bottle that I found in New York and loved since I knew I couldn’t find it anywhere in SLO!


Random Goodies: For those who know me know I love random books of places, fashion, and celebs that I follow! So, for Christmas I got a ton of books that I can’t wait to look through! Then, I was needing some more MAC moisturizer so my mom got me some and let me just say this is the BEST moisturizer I have found! And lastly, overtime my mom and I go to T.J.maxx I would see the picture she got me and I would always say oh I need that, yet it doesn’t match my room, but who cares it’s cute lol!


Louis Vuitton Belt: My last gift that I am in love with is my Louis Vuitton belt! I thought this was like one of the only things I was getting because it is pricy. While I was in New York I tried one on and fell in love with it since I needed a new belt and figured why not get one that will last literally forever! I am so grateful for this gift and can’t wait to wear it everywhere!



So, that is what I got for Christmas this year! Once again I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays and I am going to be working on my New York blog posts for you guys so be looking for those! Comment down below your favorite gifts you guys received!

With love, Sydney

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