A College Christmas Gift Guide.

Soooo who’s excited for Christmas?!? I definitely am as you can tell! For this weeks post I decided to make Christmas care packages for three of my friends in college! I thought this would be a fun thing to do since I’ve never done it before and I love giving during the Christmas season!

Here is an overview of my mini gifts for my friends! Everything was pretty inexpensive and for all three of them I probably spent under $60!


First Mini Gift Idea: Burt’s Bees Towelettes and Chapsticks

When I saw these at Target I had to get them because their packaging was so cute and face wipes and chapsticks are always needed in my opinion!


Second Idea: Initial Stockings/ Candycanes/ and Mini Christmas Elves

These stockings were $3 at Target and I knew I had to get these for my girls! When I put their packages together, I put candy canes in their stocking along with mini Christmas Elves that just added to the Christmas mood!

Third Idea: Metal Picture Holder

My mom had found these at our local Michael’s and she thought they would be cute for my friends. These have a stand so they can sit on a dresser, desk or even lean up on the wall. I thought these would be fun to decorate a dorm with if my friend’s wanted to!


Fourth Idea: Bath and Body Works Lotions and Sanitizers

For the lotions I bought the scent Winter Candy Apple because it is my all time favorite scent they sell and it comes out every winter season! Then for the sanitizers I bought random scents that had cute Christmas sayings on them!

Fifth Idea: Christmas Socks

Every year it is a tradition in my house to receive Christmas socks so I thought I would do the same for my friends! These socks were purchased form the Sock Drawer in downtown San Luis Obispo, but you can find them on their website as well!


Last Idea: Candy

Okay, you cannot go wrong with the mini packets of chocolates stores sell every year. So I got each of my friends different flavors that I know they love!


Here is how I packaged their gifts! I added in a little Elf tag that told them how much I miss them and that they enjoy the Christmas gifts I sent!


I can’t wait to see all my friends during Christmas and I hope this inspires some mini gift ideas for you guys!

With love, Sydney

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