XO MandySue.

Hi guys! This is just gonna be a mini blog post to add this week. With Christmas just around the corner I thought this would be perfect to share! Recently I received a code for a website called www.xomandysue.com! My shopping code is “SYDNEY35” that you can use at checkout! And let me just say her clothes and accessories are so cute! Her online shop is based in Newport Beach, California so it definitely has those coastal vibes within her pieces, but being from SLO I love it!

When I made my purchase, I ordered the Market Dress, Boardwalk Dress, and Cali Hat. The two dresses I ordered fit perfectly and exactly to size like described! Every two weeks new clothes and accessories are added so one can always stay trendy with her pieces!

Here is the market dress! It has a button up from with a waist tie that is kinda hard to see since it’s also black.

The Boardwalk dress was definitely a must for me because I love this style and color! It was also available in a darker blue at the time I ordered so that may still be up!


Lastly, the Cali Hat is also a favorite because I love California more than any place, so I figured why not show my love with a hat!


I hope you guys are having a great week and enjoy the little promo code I have for you! Now get shopping for the holidays!

With love, Sydney

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