Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

Yay! Christmas is finally (almost) here!!! One of my favorite holidays to celebrate is Christmas and I get very into it. Every year I decorate my own tree and re-decorate my room to feel Christmasy. This year, even though I’m off at college, I made the drive home just to decorate it! Believe me when I say this, nothing will get in the way of me and my Christmas room! Anyway, I thought I would share my room decor ideas to hopefully inspire you guys to decorate or even add to your decorations! So without further ado here’s my Christmas room makeover!

First off, I will show you guys how my room looked before I began decorating just so you can see a before and after!

Now, for my Christmas room I started off by changing my bedspread to a red quilted one that I purchased a few years ago (here is a similar one from Pottery Barn that I found!). I then added a Christmas throw that I got from T.J. Maxx about three years ago and I’ve still loved it ever since! (Here is a link to one from Target if you decide you need one too!). And of course, if you know me you know I love pillows! So, over the years I collect new pillows to change out my other ones and these are the ones I used this year! My favorite one this year would have to be my Santa belt pillow pictured below because you can’t beat that!

Moving on to my night stand and photo hanger. For my nightstand I added in some gold beads, my favorite winter snow globe, a Christmas picture. a mini tree, and my favorite Bath and Body Works scents: Winter Candy Apple which you can still purchase this year and you won’t regret it! I then added to my photo hanger by switching out my photo clips to be Christmas ones and added in a few Christmas quotes that I found online.

Then, below my window I placed my Christmas tree that I decorate every year along side a wood pallet that says “Let it Snow” that I found at Michael’s a few years ago. I really love the traditional Christmas colors as you can tell, so every year my tree is either decorated like the picture below or I like to also do a “throwback tree” that has ordainments from when I was younger and ones I made as a kid.


Lastly, my dresser I had a lot of fun with this year! As my mom and I were at Home Goods for a class project we came across the mannequin tree that you see and I fell in love with it instantly! How cute is it!?! Then, I added in some more small trees along with a cute light up “JOY” sign that I also got at Michael’s a few years ago (I found a similar one on Amazon if you want one too!). And lastly, my mom got me a cute little Santa with the year on it so that I can start collecting them every year as I decorate my room!

Well with that I hope you feel inspired to decorate for Christmas and that you are getting into the spirit! Comment down below how you like to get ready for Christmas!

With love, Sydney

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