My Los Angeles Thanksgiving 2017!

Hope you all had a lovely time with friends and family during your Thanksgiving! Since I was so busy with school work and other things my mom decided to come down and spend Thanksgiving with me! We joke about how this may be our new tradition every year now!

Every year my family never has a traditional Thanksgiving dinner since my brother and I are not fans of turkey and the other traditional meals lol. So instead, we make whatever we are all in the mood for. This year my mom and I decided to make burrito bowls since we love anything related to Mexican food! The burrito bowls are from a recipe I found on Pinterest, which I will link here! They were so good and so easy to make!

And of course I need to include my little pet I am thankful for who sits at the dinner table! Clay, my pet betta fish who is a sweetheart and loves when anyone sits at the table lol! Obviously he is ready for Christmas!


Lastly, who could forget desert?! My mom and I are the biggest strawberry fanatics so we made our favorite desert ever! However when I was pouring the filling into the pie crust it wasn’t mixed enough so I decided to pour it back into the bowl. Well, the crust decided to break and fall into the bowl too! So, instead of starting over my mom and I laughed it off and decided to make our own twist on it. We poured it into a mug and added a few graham crackers to it and mixed it up. You could not even tell a difference and it was so good!!!

nobakestrawberrySo all you have to do is follow your instructions on the jello package, then let it sit for a few minuets to set (just make sure not to add too much water or else it will be watery). Then once it has set, add in the cool whip and wisk it until it’s all mixed together. Set in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and you’re set! Honestly my mom and I love making this together. And I was so excited when she decided to come down so I wouldn’t feel left out on Thanksgiving!

With love, Sydney

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