Melrose Flea Market.

After moving to Los Angles, the Melrose Flea Market had been on my buketlist and I finally went! I went with my friend Michelle, who is also from the central coast, and she just started at FIDM this fall. The flea market is every Sunday starting at 9am at the Fairfax High School and personally going earlier is the best way to go because then there are less people and the weather is perfect! Just a heads up if you go, parking is only $5 and is worth it so you don’t have to try and search up and down the streets of Melrose for a spot!

Right as you walk in there are booths on both sides of pathway and some booths are very similar in what they sell and it was funny to see how different everything was priced from booth to booth. And personally my favorite booth was the one with succulents and fun pop art that you couldn’t miss!

As Michelle and I walked around we felt that the flee market was never ending! We noticed they have live bands perform throughout the day and have a food court as well, which was interesting and unexpected. Both of us could have definitely spent all day looking around, however we decided to leave and walk the streets of Melrose! All in all it was a fun day exploring with a friend!


With love, Sydney

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