Stylecon OC 2017!

On Saturday November 4, 2017 I attended Stylecon Orange County in Costa Mesa! Stylecon was an amazing event where I heard real life stories about men and women in the beauty/fashion industry. They talked about empowerment and how social media has played a role in their companies! For anyone who is wanting to make connections in the beauty and fashion industry an event like Stylecon would be perfect for you! I got offered a handful of internship opportunities once people heard where I go to school and what my major is.

Stylecon is somewhat like Beautycon, however I enjoyed Stylecon more because I was able to form connections with businesses and got offers right on the spot to collaborate and work with them! As I walked around Stylecon there were so many cute and fun booths that kept catching my attention! Below are a few of the booths that I loved! And of course if a booth had shoes you guys know I was there! LOL!


Stylecon had some booths that also did makeup, nails, and hair for those who wanted something done. Some popular hair trends were braids and unicorn hair coloring!


One of my top favorites booth was the DefineMe Fragrance booth that gave out flower crowns, had amazing perfumes that I had to buy, and a floral angle wing wall that I had to get a picture in front of!


Also, the panels were amazing at Stylecon! There were so many that had gone on throughout the event. I saw a fashion show presented by TopShop, heard what it was like to grow in the beauty and fashion industry. I also heard from girls my age who are social media influencers and what their journey has been like growing up in front of the camera!


Plus I got to meet a few of my favorite influencers! The selfies are with Danielle Carolan, Brooke Miccio who are both Youtubers, and my favorite E! News correspondant Melanie Bromley! All three of these ladies were so sweet and amazing to talk to in person. And I may or may not end up in Danielle’s vlog so if I am I will link it in this post! So fun!

Link to Danielle’s vlog that I made it in! :


Another plus for attending Stylecon was all of the free goodies that you get! Just for purchasing a ticket I got a huge tote bag full of fun products to try!


All in all I had an amazing time attending Stylecon and I cannot wait to return next year and who knows maybe I’ll be an influencer by then!


With love, Sydney

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