Avila “Pupkin” Patch.

Though it has not really felt like fall on the central coast (or in LA) I decided I needed to go to a pumpkin patch to get into the fall spirit with my puppy, Moose! As a kid, my mom would always take my brother and I to the Avila Valley Barn after a long day at the beach since it was right before we would get on there freeway to head home. I remember always wanting their ice cream when we would stop because it was to die for! Anyways back to the pumpkin patch, Avila Valley Barn every year has the cutest fall set up at their barn/store. It sells flowers, baked goods, amazing pies, pumpkins, and fruit. Plus they also have fun set ups for the kiddos if you bring them! Being there just makes you feel good on the inside and you can’t help, but feel excited about fall! 🍂


First off we started by walking around the shop because there is a mini petting zoo with the cutest animals! I felt like a little kid wanting every animal I saw! P.S. if anyone knows what kind of chicken the white ones are let me know because I want one lol!


After walking around the little petting zoo we took a look at the baked goods and fresh produce inside! And let me just say they have the BEST baked goodies that you cannot turn down! And fresh fruit from a farm is literally a fruit lovers paradise.


Then, since we somewhat came for the pumpkins we took a look at all of the different shapes and colors of pumpkins they had. The colors were all so vibrant and beautiful that it was hard to only pick a few to take home!


After that it was time for Moose and I to pose and get our fall pictures! Moose had to wear an orange bandana because he also needed to get in the fall spirit! (Plus he just joined the Instagram world so give him some love @whitegoosemoose)


I had such a fun time at the Avila Valley Barn that I already miss it! And I now feel like I’m really in the fall spirit even though the season is almost over lol.

My outfit for Avila Valley Barn was:


Boots: Guess (definitelty not the most ideal for a pumpkin patch, but hey they’re cute!)    Flannel: T.J. Maxx    Jeans: Joe’s Jeans

Comment down below how you’ve been getting into the fall spirit!

With love, Sydney


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