Off to the Castle!

Hearst Castle is located in San Simeon, California and is one of the most magical places to visit. Before you arrive at the parking lot of Hearst Castle there are zebras roaming with cattle in a field and right in that moment you should start getting excited for what you’re about to see. Once you get your tickets then you wait in a short line to get on a bus which takes visitors up to the castle. The ride up is beautiful! You can see the ocean for miles, the Hearst property and snip-its of the castle at the very top.

As you arrive at the steps of the castle you’re just in awe at the size and beauty of it! And of course, as you walk up the stairs it only gets better! The gardens, the art sculptures, and the castle itself are all breathtaking. My mom and I decided to do the “Upper Suites Tour” which allows one to see the rooms in which guest who visited Hearst stayed in, Hearst’s library, his office, his bedroom and his mistress’.

The tour started off in the Hearst gardens where our group then went up a spiral staircase leading to a guest bedroom used for those who Hearst wanted to interview and celebrities that had been invited up to stay for parties. If you had been one of the lucky guest to be invited to stay here chances are William Hearst himself spent a lot of time with you! How cool would that be?!

After the guest bedrooms were seen the tour moved onto Hearst’s own personal library that held hundreds of books! And if you look closely at the picture the bookshelves are actually locked up because he didn’t want anyone to steal a book from him! So, if you were a guest and wanting to borrow a book you’d have to get ahold of a housekeeper to sign it out to you. Within the library there are signed books from wonderful authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald himself!


Then, our group moved onto another exciting room, Hearst’s office! Let me just say his office was massive! Within the office there had been twelve telephones placed around so he could never miss a call. And it was said that about 90% of the time Hearst could be found in his office since this is where he did all his work. Just like the library, the bookshelves are locked up so his precious books are safe in his possession.

The last part of our tour took us to Hearst’s bedroom and his mistress’. Both bedrooms were designed beautifully and both had walk in closets and bathrooms that were designed with time and class. I could not imagine being the architecture who accepted the job creating Hearst’s dream!

As our tour walked around the castle someone questioned if Hearst was a religious man because of all the gold framed paintings since that is considered to be a part of Catholic architecture, yet it was because Hearst wanted to show off that he was a cultured man and enjoyed the finer pieces of art. Many pieces of the art found in Hearst Castle are from all over the world, however some pieces were sent back to some countries after Hearst passed since they held a lot of value to their people.

Once the tour ended we stopped around the side with a view of the San Simeon coast and it was amazing! Of course, I had to have fun and pose for a few fun shots to put up so enjoy me modeling with the coast in the back! LOL.

To get back on the buses we then walked by the Hearst tennis courts and gold pool. And this pool is amazing! The time it took to create it and money is beyond my mind, but how fun would it have been to swim in during his time?!

For one who has never visited the castle it should be on your bucket list! It is a great way to spend the day and enjoy a different scenery! So, if you’re in the area make it a priority to go visit!

With love, Sydney

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