Woohoo! I finished my first quarter at FIDM and it was amazing!!! So to celebrate being done Katrina, who I met in a social media class, and I decided we need to treat ourselves to a day at Disney! I had not been to Disneyland for about two years and I missed it! Since it is getting closer to Halloween Disneyland is decorated for it and it looks amazing!!!

Starting off our day we decided to get brunch at a bakery in downtown Disney and it didn’t disappoint!




OMG look how delicious this is and it kept us full for our fun day!



After brunch we headed to the Haunted Mansion and other rides in the area to see how they had been decorated for Halloween! Even the inside of the Haunted Mansion is decorated! Wonder how long that took?!

As we walked around we saw so many different Disney characters and managed to get a selfie with Princess Tiana who looked lovely! Many of the traditional characters  had their Halloween costumes on!


As the day went on we walked pretty much all over Disney and had such a wonderful time! Here are some more pictures from our day!

I can’t get enough of these Halloween decorations they look amazing around the park!

Anyway, we both had such a fun time at Disney and hopefully we’ll return soon! Also, if you plan to go to Disney, go on a Tuesday because it was not packed in the morning and we were able to go on at least ten-twelve rides while we were there and only waited the most 20 minuets in line! So Tuesday’s are the best days to go hands down!

With love, Sydney

Snapchat’s from the day:

Also fun little story! While Katrina and I were in the Haunted Mansion I was telling her how I usually get stuck on the ride and we did! LOL! So that is when the second selfie was taken to remember that moment! 🙈

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