Surviving Finals 101.

For my friends who have been in college for a little bit now your professors may have brought up the scary subject of finals, however I don’t want you guys to worry about them because I know you will all do great! For me, I just finished finals and decided to put together some tips and tricks of things I learned to do to not stress finals and how to survive them! Finals should not be a stressful time in college (though they always tend to be) but instead be a time to show your professors what you have learned in their class! I hope this list will help anyone who may be freaking out about finals week, but just know everything will be fine and work out no matter the results!

Planning Ahead: Learning to plan ahead whether that be from creating notecards for a class, studying sessions with friends or even writing outlines do it all ahead of time! By planning all of these things ahead of time you will not stress the process of creating them and hopefully have more free time later since you will have begun memorizing in advance! It also may be helpful to physically write out all the tasks you hope to complete during your day or during a study session so you know you are staying on top of your studies!

Stay Social: Though finals may seem like a time to lock yourself in your room/dorm DO NOT DO THAT! Like I said above plan study sessions with friends so that you do not feel trapped while studying because that may be unhealthy for some. And yes, you do not need to have study sessions for all of your classes just have a few so you can stay social and maybe get help from friends while still getting your studies completed!

Find a Study Location: Studying indoors may not be the best for some so try studying outdoors or even in your school library! By studying in different areas, you may feel calmer and get more work done! For me personally I enjoyed studying outside of my apartment because I was outside in the sun getting fresh air, yet I was still working on my studies and I seemed to get everything done in a faster time!

Listen to Music: When listening to music while studying I recommend listening to playlists that have already been created so you are not wasting your own time making them! And listen to calmer, instrumental playlists with minimal words so your brain is not getting distracted from the lyrics.

Exercise: This may fall within planning ahead; however, I cannot stress how important it is to exercise during this time especially if you are an easy stressed person like myself. I began working out every few days, yet the week before my finals I hit the gym for at least 30-40 minutes a day and during finals managed to get in every other day for 30 minutes to release my stress and anxiety that had come up during the day. I also found it easier to work out later in the day/towards the night because it helped me relax before going to sleep!

Eat Healthy Snacks: Yes, this actually may help you during finals! Instead of going for chips or chocolate (because those are stress foods for me at least lol!) why not eat fruit or nut mixes that will give your brain more power and energy while studying!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep: Though it may be a stressful time try and plan to get at least six hours of sleep so that your body is somewhat re-charged then on the weekends or days you do not have to be up as early, focus on sleeping more those days to help your mind and body stay healthy.

Reward Yourself: Finished a final early? Aced your notecards? Reward yourself with some quiet time to calm yourself down or even with some food/drink you’ve been craving during the day to tell yourself you did a good job completing a complicated task at the time! This will help yourself stay mentally healthy and in the end, will improve your mood!

Overall go into finals with a positive outlook no matter what because it can really affect your mood! I looked at finals as an exciting time because it was a time for me to show my professors all I had learned and allowed me to show myself what I truly know! So please friends do not stress about finals and look at the positives to this situation!

If you have any questions or other ideas about how to survive finals write them in the comments below so we can help each other out!

With love, Sydney

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