Go Dodgers!

A few weeks ago a friend from high school came down to see LA and we had been planning to go to a Dodgers Baseball Game! Both of us had been so excited to go to a game (personally I was looking forward to just taking pictures and admiring the players, but we can just ignore that lol!). The Dodgers were playing the Milwaukee Brewers and we won 3-1!!! Go Dodgers!!! During the game we got to catch up and just enjoy a good game of Los Angeles Baseball and walk around the stadium which is always fun to see.


The night we had bought our tickets for was a Friday night since they said it was “Friday Night Fireworks” and let me just say that is one of the best nights to go! After the game ends anyone can go on the field, sit out and watch the firework show go off. The stadium goes black during the show and it is breath taking to see everyone so happy and enjoying the night!


The pictures of the actual fireworks didn’t turn out too well, but I managed to get Snap Chat videos of them as they were going off which I will try and insert below so you guys can check them out! Hopefully I insert them correctly since I have never put videos in any of the post so just work with me haha!



Shoes: Converse | Jacket: Forever 21 (similar to the one I have!) | T-Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Luca and Grae (similar to mine!) | Hat: Nordstrom


Overall I had so much seeing my friend and had a great time at the game! And if you choose to go to a Dodger Game make sure it is a Friday Night one!

With love, Sydney

SnapChat Videos:



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