My FIDM Acceptance Day. [Part 3]

Finally we are at part three of my FIDM College series on my blog! So back in October of last year I had scheduled my ‘final interview’ at FIDM in Los Angeles! This is a big deal since this was the day I find out if I got accepted into my dream school.

During the final interview I presented my project to the head acceptance man at FIDM and I was beyond nervous! For that day I wore a complete outfit from the company I talked about in my entrance project and I felt confident as heck! Here’s a snapchat picture of what I had on!


I figured if I need to sell the company why not wear an outfit from their site! He loved the outfit and the thought I put into it since I was representing my company! As the interview went on he looked over my entrance project, asked me questions about the company and what I did and read through my essay and I was still nervous since I had no clue if I was accepted or not.

Then about two hours later I got the handshake and words, “Congrats you’ve been accepted!” I almost screamed in his office from excitement because this is all I had been looking froward to and my dreams started to come true!

Looking back on this day I just think, wow I did it! I was so blessed to have the support from my close friends and family who believed in me and I was so proud of myself for all the work I had dedicated to my entrance project! Hard work truly does pay off and I am so glad to be going to FIDM and doing what I love!


I hope you guys enjoyed this series on my blog! It was so much fun for me to reflect back on my acceptance days to FIDM and to see where I am now!

With love, Sydney

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