How I Applied to FIDM. [Part 2]

I hope these posts on FIDM are helpful to those considering the school and where to apply and even what major to choose as well since that can be stressful! Like I said before in my previous blog post I had taken the career quiz on FIDM’s site to see what major would best suit me and I had gotten Social Media. The next step once I fully committed to that major was now the application process for FIDM’s Social Media major.

First off I had to write a 500 word essay regarding why I wanted to go to FIDM and my goals during and after college if I remember correctly! Then once that is done for the Social Media entrance project I had to choose any company I wanted and write about their targeted customer, that individuals demographics and why they would shop at that store. With that it turned into a full page paper describing this individual and I also added about two pages of outfits that I had put together from pieces off my chosen companies site so that the person reading my entrance project really got to know my made up individual! I also had to create a blog post about my chosen company and what they have to offer customers who are attracted to their site! That was probably around 350-500 words or so, yet I cannot find my post that I typed up so I apologize for that!

Next after that part was done I had to choose three social media platforms from the list given to me and create content to be posted on those sites! The three platforms I chose was Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter! For Instagram I was only able to find only one of the pictures I posted and not the caption so I am sorry about that! 🙈

IMG_5381 copy

However I remember talking about how this outfit could be worn out to a party during the fall/winter season and I described the pieces I paired the outfit with! And of course I tagged the company I used and also used hashtags since I was on Instagram!


For twitter I had to create three tweets promoting my chosen company and promote the blog post I had typed up for the company! Once again hashtags were used as well as tagging the company’s official account since that is what one would do in the social media world!

Lastly I had to go to Pinterest and post an outfit inspiration pin there since that’s where a lot of people go for ideas! I created a shoe pin and an outfit pin since I love shoes and I just wanted to have fun creating an outfit! For both pins there must also be a caption about the company and the pin created!

Key things to keep in mind if you do choose to do social media at FIDM and you are doing this entrance project, I recommend creating a second account on the platforms you decide to use because even when you’re at FIDM you might end up using them so it is fun to mess around on those! Also, the app I used to create the collaged images was Polyvore since you are able to make collages of your own, post and shop on the app/website which is really fun so look into it if you need help!

I hope you guys enjoyed this serious on my blog post I was thinking about adding one more part and talking about my acceptance day into FIDM so that may appear next week so stay tuned!

With love, Sydney

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