Why I Chose FIDM. [Part 1]

As high school seniors begin to decide where/what they want to study I thought it would be helpful to include a two part blog post about why I chose FIDM and how I applied to FIDM for my major! These two blog posts will be somewhat different from my other posts as these are to help my friends and anyone else deciding on college where they want to go for their future. So I’ll stop rambling on and get to it!

At this time last year I assumed I would be studying physical therapy/sports medicine at a big named sports college since I had done my high school sports medicine program for about three and a half years of high school. However when I really began to think about my future physical therapy just did not fit my ideal plan and I started to look more into FIDM since I knew a friend at the campus already and I loved fashion! I was also my school’s FIDM Fashion Club President so in a way I was already leaning towards FIDM.

Once I fully convinced myself that I would not pursue physical therapy I decided to take FIDM’s career quiz online and ranked highest in Social Media and Merchandise Marketing! For one who is considering FIDM, but is stuck with what career to choose take the quiz and see what options best suit you since that is how I found my major! And after looking into the career options and what I would be learning in social media versus merchandise marketing I felt that social media would be the perfect career for me since I love the pace and ever changing lifestyle it would provide for me!

Another reason why I really loved FIDM was that it felt more of a career based college. My general ed classes would be tailored to my major, I would actually be taking courses related to my major right when I start and I felt as though I would be treated as a professional while studying and not viewed as a freshmen student. Plus at FIDM all majors (for an AA) are two year programs allowing me to either get my BA in Social Media, go into their business program or double major if I so choose to do so and graduate in four years!

For someone who is not fond of the idea of #dormlife FIDM is also a great option if you want to feel more independent and wanting your own space. Yes, you can have roommates and get the college feel, however you will just be in an apartment rather than a dorm. Plus being at FIDM I feel as though one is more prepared for their future by being in apartments, taking courses for their major right off the back, and being surrounded by different aged individuals since not everyone is at FIDM as a freshmen when one starts their major.

Overall I hope this helps those considering FIDM as a college and all of this information is from what I have experienced with FIDM from my perspective. If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below and I will try my best to answer them! Part 2 of this series will be up next week so stay tuned for that!

With love, Sydney


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