My First Month at FIDM.

On July 10th, I started my first day of college! Though I had been worried about how tough classes would be, how to make new friends, and to manage living in a city like LA on my own. However, once I started classes and got into the flow of how my days would go I started to realize how amazing FIDM is and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to go to a school where I am preparing for a career in an industry I truly love! I have been able to express myself in so many ways through the art projects I’ve done, through the conversations I’ve had with others and through the way I can express myself though my normal everyday assignments.

Living in an apartment has definitely been a learning experience for sure! Being with random girls who you’ve met online and just deciding to live together when we started college has it’s pros and cons, but in the end it has allowed me to become a more independent person and learn my limits.

Being away from home has been a challenge especially during the summertime when I want to be around my friends and family, but I wouldn’t take my summer back. Starting college early has definitely had its perks and has allowed me to feel as though I am getting a head start on the career that I want! And another perk is being in my dream city, so that’s even better! Overall I have had an amazing month in LA and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me throughout college!

If you guys have any questions about FIDM or college leave them in the comments below and I can try my best to answer them!

With love, Sydney


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