Getting Artsy.

A few days after I moved to Los Angeles my roommate Kelly and I decided we should go to the Arts District and take some fun shots for both our social media pages and to walk around a locals hot spot. At first we struggled to find parking so if you decide to come this way just be aware it’s not easy to find! However once we found parking we started to walk the painted streets and admire the time one took to paint, passed breweries, and other restaurants nearby.

Here are some of my favorite buildings we passed by!


Walking through the Arts District is unreal because there is so much effort and creativity in one place! As we were walking down the streets I finally found the famous wings I had been dying to take a picture with!


I love taking wing pictures in the City of Angeles! LOL


After that we turned the corner to find a fully painted blue, purple, and pink wall that was somewhat mesmerizing and trippy at the same time! And within a part of the wall it opened into a bar/club which was interesting to see on this main street!


As we continued walking around we spotted so many fun walls that we knew we needed to take a photo in front of!


However my favorite wall was the Bloom one I showed above. The wall was massive and I could stare at it all day because the colors were so vibrant and detailed that the picture doesn’t do it justice! IMG_3142

Another fun part about walking around the Arts District is on the ground there are painted pieces throughout every street that are fun to look at! My favorite one is the I ❤️ LA because that’s what everyone looks like walking around here!


Of course I need to include a little info about my boots since I had been getting so many compliments on them and people asking where they are from!

These floral boots are on Forever 21’s website which I will link here for you guys to check out if you’re interested! And let me just say how comfortable and easy these are to walk in! I was a little hesitant because I knew we’d be walking so much around the district, but my feet never hurt in these shoes!

And with that, there is my little adventure of the Arts District! The overall atmosphere here was so calming and welcoming that I didn’t want to leave and I wanted to keep finding more artsy walls that we didn’t see.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun, artsy blog post! Comment down below what your favorite art was from my pictures above!

With love, Sydney

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