Eye Can’t Believe It…

Before I start this post I just want to admit how hesitant I was about putting this on the internet for people to see. However as I thought about it more, this really happened to me and this blog was supposed to be me sharing my life with my friends, family, and followers so I figured it needed to be shared. And in all honesty, this is an overall funny story that I believe has a reason to be shared and the images I included are not edited whatsoever so one can see my raw expressions.

On Monday July 10th I started my first day of college! I was beyond excited to finally start, meet new friends, and learn about a subject I am truly passionate about. After my class, my roommate, Kelly and I were walking back from Target when something got in my eye. Thinking that it had been an eyelash I attempted to wipe it out and then tried rinsing it out since my eye was still bugging me. As time went on I noticed my eye pain got worse and I needed to go to Urgent Care, so my roommate drove me there and we proceeded to wait 5 HOURS! As we waited there Kelly went through my symptoms on WedMD and said I more than likely have a scratched cornea! Of course I figured that there had been no way that could have happened, yet as soon as we talked with the doctors she had been right… On my FIRST day of college I managed to scratch my cornea! How crazy is that!

In the first picture I am waiting for the doctors, then once they came in they poured sodium chloride in my eye to dye it as seen in the middle picture. Then if you’re really curious as to what my eye looked like, the third picture shows how swollen my eye had gotten the day of the incident!


I had been prescribed medicine for my eye and was told to seek more medical attention since Urgent Care could only do so much, so the next day I went to the eye doctor and could not open my eye, or even pass an eye exam! The fastest solution to cure a scratched cornea is to wear a patch so I did… Not the most fashionable eye wear but hey this girl had no other options!

After wearing the patch for one whole day my eye had been improving a lot which was great, yet something still bugged my eye. Not really thinking about it I just assumed it was due to the scratches that I had gotten on my eye. However when I came home on July 21st (11 days after the incident) I went to another eye doctor for a second opinion and that is when I got a small piece of clear microfiber swobbed out of my eye! I was in shock to know something had still been in there for that long, yet the doctor noticed I had fresh scratches and figured something was in my eyelid and he was right! Since then my eye has continued to improve and I am still trying to get my 20/20 vision back!

Moral of this lovely eye trauma is to always wear glasses outside walking around no matter where you are because you never know what could get in your eye! And to always have a list of doctors in your area when moving to a new city, so if you’re in LA I have a wonderful eye doctor for you!

After reading this I hope you learn to laugh at how unexpected life can get because one can never predict what will happen throughout the day! I also hope you enjoy my lovely, unedited pictures of me throughout the course of a few days while I battled my scratched cornea!

With love, Sydney


One thought on “Eye Can’t Believe It…

  1. Oh my Sissy what you have gone thru, your strong gal nothing will stop you. Love it that your in LA, that’s where you want to b, you r experiencing a lot, 😘


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