Moving to LA.

On July 3rd I finally moved to Los Angeles! Overall the move went really well and lasted about all day especially since I had two cars full of my stuff! It was such a fun day and I got to meet my roommate in person which was awesome since we had been talking on the phone for the past three months. Instantly we bonded over everything from our life, where we want to go in the future, to people we follow on social media, and of course our favorite foods (we also decided to buy a fish to bring life into our apartment!)

Here’s a mini summary of my moving day:

10:30 am moving in and getting my keys!

11 am- 6:00 pm my whole moving process and running to Target multiple times!

Don’t think we bought enough! 

7:00pm making our first dinner together and my room is finally finished!

7:30pm- 12am hanging out with my roommate on our couch and telling each other EVERYTHING and I mean everything! It’s crazy how fast you can bond with someone in such a short amount of time!

Now, I will start school on Monday and I can’t wait for my classes to start, explore LA, and meet new friends while I am here!

Stay tuned for more of my future LA posts as I learn more about my new city! And if anyone has any suggestions as to what to see/do in LA let me know in the comments below!

With love, Sydney

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