Punta Mita, Mexico. [Part 2]

For my senior graduation trip I chose to go to Punta Mita, Mexico and it was beautiful! My family and I stayed at the Four Seasons and the resort was amazing and there were always things to do! Some days we kicked back either at the pool or beach, rode ATVs into Sayulita, ventured out to the town of Punta Mita, and even tried anti-gravity yoga (yes it’s a thing!). Luckily for us the weather was perfect and only rained our last day there, yet that didn’t stop us from enjoying our trip! So if you’re looking into going to Mexico look into Punta Mita because there is so much to see and do! Below are pictures from around the resort and things we did during our stay!

When we arrived in our room there was a platter (pictured above) filled with amazing Mexican food, homemade tortilla chips, refreshing lemonade, and a cute cupcake for my graduation! And every day there was a new platter delivered to our room!

At the resort there is the cutest gelato shack and it was to die for! I got the chocolate crunch gelato and of course topped it off with sprinkles and crushed cookies! 😍

As you can tell relaxing at the beach is must because how could you not want to lay out in the sun while this is your view!


So for those wondering what anti-gravity yoga is, well here is your answer. During the class you’re wrapped in the silks and do yoga poses in them and at one point dangle form the silks. If you do take a class just have fun with it and take a friend who is also in it for the laughs because this class was definitely one to remember!

Once we heard about ATVs we were all so excited to ride them through secret paths and into the town of Sayulita. Before we arrived in Sayulita we stopped at the viewpoint above and everyone was in awe at how beautiful it was!

Once we went into the town of Punta Mita I instantly was drawn to the colorful shops, but sadly for us it was Sunday and most shops closed super early.

At Rosa Mexicano your waiter makes homemade salsa and guacamole to your liking as you are able to pick what goes into both! And how could we turn down these churros! Oh my gosh they were so good and topped with chocolate syrup and ice cream! Yum!

And of course I had to include a picture of my favorite swim suit from the trip. My brother and I had gotten matching ones for the trip and on our last day we saw an older man rocking them too! LOL! If you’re interested in my swim suit or brothers swim trunks check out Chubbiesshorts.com because their swim wear is amazing and definitely worth it!

I hope you guys enjoyed my 2 part Mexico trip! Now I’m off to pack for college, wish me luck!

With love, Sydney

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