Palm Springs Getaway.

After my graduation my friend and I decided to drive to Palm Springs for the weekend and see the “insta famous” Pink Door, Joshua Tree, and of course to relax in the wonderful 108 degree weather! A little background on the Pink Door is that it actually has its own Instagram and hashtag  @thatpinkdoor and #thatpinkdoor where the Instagram is run by the owners of the house! After we finished our modeling shots in front of the door we drove to Joshua Tree to continue our photo session and both fell in love with the desert scenery! It seemed as though Joshua Tree went on for miles and we could have easily spent all day there, yet we were not loving the sun beating down on us still in 100 degree weather! Overall we had a lovely weekend, took some fashionable pictures, and relaxed by the pool to try and cool off.

With love, Sydney


Seeing the Pink Door made me so excited and I couldn’t stop talking about how cute it was!

I loved Joshua Tree and felt so relaxed being there. The desert was beautiful and I would love to go back again!



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